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Engineered Building & Home Inspection Services

Engineered home inspection, building inspection, consulting and design services.

Building & Home Inspections by Professional Engineers

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Building InspectorIn the most basic terms, the main role of a building inspector is to inspect the structural quality and general safety of buildings.  At Team Engineering, our Building Inspection Engineers are Licensed Professional Engineers (P.E.), Architects, and Home Inspectors (H.I.) that collectively bring over 100 years of qualified experience, honesty and integrity to every inspection we conduct.  Whether homes or commercial buildings, our professional training gives us the expertise to help you understand and improve upon the buildings in which you work and live.

All Team Engineering engineers are members of the National Academy of Building Inspection Engineers (NABIE), ensuring you the highest possible standard of service.

Save Money

Inspection ServicesBefore you spend thousands to buy (or renovate) a building or home, it’s critical to obtain a thorough understanding of the building’s condition – both the benefits as well as any issues that may need to be resolved.  By investing in a building inspection up front, you’ll get an honest, unbiased evaluation to help guide your property investment decisions while sparing you the cost and aggravation of unanticipated problems once you’ve already moved in.

Engineered Home Inspections

home inspectionWhether you’re buying, selling, repairing or renovating a home, an Engineered Home Inspection from Team Engineering provides you piece of mind through a thorough understanding of the home’s current condition.  Our inspections cover a home’s major systems from the roof to the foundation. Investing in a home will likely be one of the largest financial decisions you’ll ever make – you deserve to know that the home is safe and sound before you make the commitment.

For your convenience, Team Engineering also offers one-stop shopping. If you need water quality testing, septic or chimney inspections, for example, we can make these arrangements on your behalf, often coinciding with your Engineered Home Inspection.

Team Engineering’s Professional Engineers adhere to the highest legal and ethical standards when inspecting homes.  As P.E.s, our home inspectors are able to take your home inspection to an advanced level by offering services that other home inspectors cannot, including:

  • Estimating the cost of repairs
  • Predicting future conditions and failure of systems and components
  • Turning on/off any liquid or solid fuel burning devices for closer inspection
  • Providing additional engineering services to address any issues discovered during an inspection

Because P.E.s can offer these extra services, not only do we conduct home inspections directly with clients, but we often partner with licensed Home Inspectors to help with additional evaluations.

Engineered Building Inspections

building inspectorIf you want to fully understand the condition of a building – up, down and all around – an Engineered Building Inspection from Team Engineering reports on the structure and components which are vital to your investment and finance decision-making.

Team Engineering’s narrative-style reports, maintenance plans and capital needs projections will identify the condition of major building components with a recommended timeline for action. Our Property Condition Assessment (PCA) reports comply with industry standards such as S&P and ASTM, and provide appropriate due diligence for your real estate transaction.

Peace of Mind

Team Engineering Building Inspection & Design ServicesWhether a home or commercial building, a qualified inspection provides comfort in knowing that the property is safe and sound and that your investment decisions are backed by due diligence information.

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