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Transition Studies

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Transition Study

Make Informed Decisions when Accepting a Property from the Developer

Transition StudyTransition Studies provide property managers with an independent evaluation of the current condition of a property. A new condominium or home owner association board that is about to accept property management responsibility from the developer will benefit greatly from a Transition Study from Team Engineering.  The primary purpose of a Transition Study is to address the following issues:

  • Proper completion of all construction elements and requirements
  • Quality of construction
  • Consistency of construction with plans and specifications
  • Appropriate approvals obtained
  • Have all design and/or construction defects been remedied

Define the Conditions for Transfer

Transition StudyA comprehensive Transition Study by Team Engineering will help the property manager and association make informed decisions around accepting a property from the developer.  Typically, the Transition Study outlines what conditions should be met prior to the transfer. During your transition study, Team Engineering will review and evaluate:

  • Construction plans and specifications
  • Current management interviews
  • Electrical, mechanical, structural, site and life safety system compliance
  • Building envelope (e.g. roof system and exterior façade)
  • Interior common areas (sampling is typical)
  • Drainage system
  • Exterior lighting

Finish with a Full Report

Transition Study ReportTeam Engineering will develop a written narrative report of our findings describing the current condition and compliance with normal and customary standards and project documents.  If desired, order of magnitude estimates for correction will be provided for planning purposes.   Your report will conclude with one of three recommendations:

  1. Accept complex as is
  2. Accept with conditions
  3. Decline to accept until certain work is done

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